Mas Supermarkets LTD

MAS Supermarkets, is the largest supermarket chain in Cyprus in the number of stores, where they enjoy their autonomy and geographical exclusivity under a professional design and concept.

Mas Supermarkets has the possibility of competitive prices, through the common markets, having the most complete range of private label that exists on the island with 1600 products.

A purebred Cypriot company with a real umbrella of protection that takes care to ensure the continuous viability and development of all its members

“For your family … from ours.”

MAS Supermarkets was the first shareholding association of supermarkets created in Cyprus in 1996 with 7 autonomous supermarkets.

The Objective of the association was and still is, the protection of small to medium-sized supermarkets against the arrival and competition of big international retail organizations.

The association undertook to guarantee to the customer QUALITY – SERVICE – LOW PRICES

Currently there are 52 member supermarkets across the island, with a large customer base that makes use of our regular promotions, the loyalty card points system and enjoys the benefit of collective bargaining power.

The association carries all the international brands and has a large selection own brand (private label) products.

Quality standards are maintained by continuous lab testing and in dealing with suppliers verified with ISO and HACCP qualifications.

Central buying and importing, central distribution and a central payments office differentiate MAS Supermarkets from all other supermarket associations.