MAS Best Brands

MAS BEST BRAND - Quality you can trust

The “MAS Best Brand” is the heart of our range. It offers an amazing choice at great Mas Prices, with the seal of Mas quality you know you can trust for you and your family.

Our own brand products range providing all you need and more across the store.

Mr. Grand

MR. GRAND - Always working to give you more

We never stop thinking about how to give you more choice. There are already over 1000 “Mr. Grand” brand products and we’re expanding the range all the time to include new and innovative ideas.

Many products also come in a variety of different sized packs, so you can pick the one that’s just right for you.

From Our Place Range

From Our Place Range

Our company supports Greek producers and Greek products. A range of products with exclusively Greek identity and designation of origin. The traditional products “Masoutis from our place” have as distinctive their place of origin, characterize each region and are produced by local producers.